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Words, Lovely Words

Posted on: February 3, 2010

No, this isn’t just the name of a store in Salem, Oregon.

Words are the reason we write. We love to read them, to create with them, sometimes to kvetch about them.

Sadly, the brain defects that come with being pregnant can affect our ability to use the words we love so much.

Since becoming pregnant, I have noticed that I need to be more diligent not only with self-editing but with having other people read my work. I type the wrong word without even realizing it, or I skip a word.

And, I have noticed this happening with other writers when they get pregnant, too. I read a particular entertainment blog regularly, and for the past six or seven months, I have noticed the writer making more and more errors. Small errors, but still noticeable to someone who either knows a lot about the topic or who has been copyediting for a couple decades.

Monday, she announced that she was getting ready to head out for maternity leave. (She hadn’t mentioned her pregnancy in her column before.) All of a sudden, the mistakes made sense. And, I breathed a sigh of relief that it isn’t just me who needs a little extra editing help now!

Ladies, are you pregnant and bemoaning the loss of your error-free writing talent? Or, did you experience the same thing when you were pregnant?

Here’s the real question: Does the ability to use words return after you give birth?


3 Responses to "Words, Lovely Words"

Yes and no. It all depends on how sleep deprived you are. For the first couple of months, I was playing cow every 2h, and my brain was mush. Now that my 4mo daughter is sleeping through the night, it’s much better. 🙂

yes don’t worry. Preggy brain retires as soon as baby arrives . Nature’s careful. Baby might end up in the washing machine otherwise. The next hurdle though is fatigue. 3 months later & it’s all pretty well back to normal.

That is good news.

@C., I guess the maternity leave is pretty important!

@Aoife, the picture of baby in the washing machine, while the dirty clothes lounge in the crib amuses me to no end. Every time I change the toilet paper roll, I have to stop myself from throwing the holder into the trash instead of the wrapper.

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