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The Economics of Green Child Rearing

Posted on: March 11, 2010

I’ve always struggled with the desire to be completely green and organic versus the economic realities I sometimes face. We all know that the vast majority of writers do not make millions, especially not when their fiction careers are so new.

As I look at my plans for my soon-to-arrive son, I am even more torn. I believe strongly in limiting his exposure to unnecessary chemicals and pesticides–I mean, I threw out all of my makeup and shampoo when I found out I was pregnant because it contained parabens or Vitamin A derivatives. But, until I go Stephenie Meyer on y’all, I’m going to need to do do on a budget.

The awesome thing about the Internet? I have found blogs written by other moms who are struggling with the same cost versus chemicals concerns. And, with the recession, a lot of mainstream media are covering how to thrive on less money. Here are a few of the resources I have found. Feel free to share your own tips and any other resources we can all benefit from.


Navigating the Grocery Store
In this piece from, Lynn Okura shares her experience trying to find natural, real food products in a conventional grocery store.

17 Tips for Buying Organic Food on the Cheap (who would have thought to look here for food shopping tips?) give a nice set of tips to help you green your kitchen without breaking the bank.


Crunchy Chicken
Deanna Duke’s chronicle of greening her life.

A Portland, OR, mom who talks about how to recycle and live a green lifestyle with kids.

Green and Clean Mom
A site that provides tips from a variety of contributors who want to help you live a stylish and environmentally conscious life.

Green Baby Guide
By the authors of the recently released Eco-nomical Baby Guide, this blog covers issues and tips for green moms. This site does take submissions, so if you are looking to write about green mama-ing, give this one a look.

Great Green Baby
A review site for new baby products that are organic and/or sustainable.


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