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Katie and I apparently read many of the same books as children, so she reminded me of quite a few that (I think) I still own, such as a few Black Stallion books, the Fudge series, the Chronicles of Prydain, the Narnia series.

I also found out that Beverly Cleary wrote some books about Henry Huggins, a character in the Ramona Quimby books that I so loved. Those should be good and contain the ever-important male protagonist. I also learned that Cleary’s books take place in Portland, Oregon. I don’t know how I missed that as a young girl, so they will have that added element of personal interest.

Finally, I had a brainstorm and remembered Clarence the TV Dog. I loved that book ans its sequel, and I will need to find a used copy to add to the library. Some Clifford the Big Red Dog books will be fun for when the boy is little because our dogs are both over 100 pounds and will tower over the little one just like Clifford does in the books.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I plow through my collection to see what I really have and what I just think I have. Until then, please feel free to shoot me more recommendations. A child can never have too many books!


I have a standard set of books I give to all of my friends who have a little girl baby. They are some of my childhood favorites.

  • The Secret Garden
  • Ramona the Pest
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Little House on the Prairie

Mr. Pregnant Writer and I found out that we are having a boy, and I am struggling to think about what books to buy him to begin his book collection. (I fear that my favorite books might be too girly.) I’d love some suggestions of books your boys loved, books you loved when you were a young boy, or books you loved when you were a young girl that show true genderless appeal.

Thanks in advance!

No, this isn’t just the name of a store in Salem, Oregon.

Words are the reason we write. We love to read them, to create with them, sometimes to kvetch about them.

Sadly, the brain defects that come with being pregnant can affect our ability to use the words we love so much.

Since becoming pregnant, I have noticed that I need to be more diligent not only with self-editing but with having other people read my work. I type the wrong word without even realizing it, or I skip a word.

And, I have noticed this happening with other writers when they get pregnant, too. I read a particular entertainment blog regularly, and for the past six or seven months, I have noticed the writer making more and more errors. Small errors, but still noticeable to someone who either knows a lot about the topic or who has been copyediting for a couple decades.

Monday, she announced that she was getting ready to head out for maternity leave. (She hadn’t mentioned her pregnancy in her column before.) All of a sudden, the mistakes made sense. And, I breathed a sigh of relief that it isn’t just me who needs a little extra editing help now!

Ladies, are you pregnant and bemoaning the loss of your error-free writing talent? Or, did you experience the same thing when you were pregnant?

Here’s the real question: Does the ability to use words return after you give birth?

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